Since the establishment of 03.03.1999. until the present day, we are performing electrical installation. In the past 15 years with the knowledge that we had and continued education, followed by a permanent work in the field, on the objects of different purposes, we have gained great experience and we can say that we as a company are able to perform all work in the field of electrical-installation works that are set in front of us for facilities of various purposes.

    In addition to electrical installations, we are creating low-power installations which include the following installations: antenna, intercom, intrusion, fire protection, Anti-panic, install video surveillance, IT installation...

    As a company that has committed and based its business as a socially responsible company, all our customers can be absolutely sure that every job we entrust be done according to the rules of the profession in compliance with all legal requirements and regulations for this type of work.

    Elektroluks 012 has permanent employees electricians and electrical engineers with extensive work experience behind them, in addition it possesses sufficient technical and human resource capacity. When we finally add all the electrical, all major European and domestic brands available in our warehouses, you will as well as over one hundred former clients be satisfied with the services provided.



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